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    3rd - 5th July



  • About our Festival

    Allihies is the pearl of the Wild Atlantic Way. Nestled between rocky hills and the Atlantic Sea, the area is a treasure trove of hidden beaches, waterfalls, caves and ancient ruins. The light and energy have inspired many artists and writers for generations. We welcome you to our mini-festival, Allihies Inspires.


    The festival is run by volunteers Dee Collins and Claire Zwaartman, along with students Niamh Twomey, and Marie Haugh from the M.A. in Creative Writing (2019) at UCC. The festival is run in conjunction with the Allihies Coastal Education Hub, Coordinator: Skyoni Celestine, and our man on the ground, Johnny Morrissey.


    The 2019 Festival is sponsored by Dee's Wholefoods, Macroom Buffalo Meats, O’ Neill’s Bar, The Lighthouse Bar, Jimmy’s and University College Cork.


    With thanks to Richie Hodges of Balooz Media for creating such wonderful videos.

  • Ticketed Events

    Booking Essential for Workshops, Walk, and Seafood Supper

    Workshop: Adaptation of Prose for Radio by Cónal Creedon. Allihies Men's Shed. Saturday, 6th July.
    Allihies Copper Mine Walking Tour. Saturday 6th July 11am to 1pm
    Out of Stock
    Seafood Sushi Supper @ Jimmy's Bar at 6.30 pm sharp.
    Art & Action Four-Day Children's Camp
    40.00 - 80.00
    Weekend Poetry Workshop with Sarah Byrne
  • 2019 Programme

    Allihies Inspires Fringe Events.

    Scaramouche Jones. A Play by Justin Butcher

    Tuesday, 2nd July.

    The Schoolhouse, Allihies, at 8 pm.

    Presented by Dear Conjunction:
    Performed by: Mr. Leslie Clack
    Directed by: Ms. Patricia Kessler
    INCREDIBLE STORY On the 31st of December 1999, the eve of his 100th birthday, the clown, Scaramouche Jones, tells the incredible story of his life - which is also the story of the 20th century.THE SEAMY SIDE From the seamy side of 1900's Port au Prince, Trinidad — where he is born to a Gypsy prostitute mother and abandoned by his English father — on through his time spent journeying all over North Africa with Yasu the snake-charmer, and almost finishing with his darkest hour, in the nightmare of Nazi-occupied Poland, Scaramouche takes us on a fantastical voyage through that most turbulent of centuries. THE WHITE MASKS In the course of the journey, he adds, one by one, to his already pale face the Seven White Masks: so that by the time he reaches his haven in the Promised Land of England, he has achieved the perfect blank of his final incarnation - the White-Faced Clown. ABOUT THE PLAY The play was first produced at the Theatre Royal, Bath in 2002, starring Pete Postlethwaite. The author himself has performed it, to great critical acclaim, at the Edinburgh Festival several times, and also on tour all over the world.

    Leanne O' Sullivan. Poetry Reading

    Penn State Reading Programme.

    Wednesday 3rd July, at 8 pm. The Schoolhouse.

    Penn State & Trish Caffrey host a Summer reading series at The Schoolhouse Allihies. Readings have kindly been opened to the public after the students have taken their places. Space is limited.

    Leanne O’Sullivan has published three collections with Bloodaxe Books. Her second collection Cailleach: The Hag of Beara (2009) draws on myths from her native West Cork and won the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature in 2010. In 2009, O’Sullivan was awarded the Ireland Chair of Poetry Bursary and the Lawrence O’Shaughnessy Award for Irish Poetry in 2011. Her work has been included in various anthologies, including Selina Guinness’s The New Irish Poets (Bloodaxe Books, 2004) and Billy Collins’s Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry (Random House, 2003). She will read from her fourth collection A Quarter of an Hour.

    Nadette Charlet. Art Exhibition

    19th July to 21st August. Allihies Copper Cafe

    Nadette likes to live in the now and to stay in tune with her intuition. New ideas often like to merge in her mind in her dreams, exactly during that small lapse of time between deep sleep and awakening


    When lots of artists are established in their own style and medium and tend to stick to it, Nadette’s art is flowing, moving, changing with the emotions of the moment. Just like Nature is moving and changing.

    Pencil, ink, watercolour or oil, whatever medium she is choosing, Nadette’s art takes her to a special space, just like meditation. It is always a pure moment of joy within a basic need, the pure act of creating.


    Nadette is a Belgian artist who has worked as a freelance illustrator and paper engineer (pop-up books) for Belgian and French editors, included Casterman and Moulinsart (“Tintin”).


    Her work has been sold in the Sarah Walker Gallery, Castletownbere, and Clio Gallery, Kenmare and she has exhibited in galleries in Skibbereen and Cork City.

    and alongside Charlie Tyrrell at a duo exhibition in the Copper Mine Museum in Allihies.


    Nadette's first solo exhibition sold out in 2018 at the Copper Mine Museum of Allihies.


    See www.NaCharlet.com

    2019 Festival Programme


    Poetry Workshop with Sarah Byrne

    5th-7th July. 10.30 am to 1.30 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

    Pluais Umha Restaurant (above O' Neill's Bar).


    There is a magic made by melody:

    A spell of rest, and quiet breath, and cool

    Heart, that sinks through fading colors deep

    To the subaqueous stillness of the sea


    -'I Am In Need of Music' by Elizabeth Bishop


    Day 1: Movement
    We'll focus on how we move our bodies and minds in relation to writing. Walking is a huge part of my writing practice and a lot of my ideas are generated on walks and hikes. We'll talk about the relationship between motion and emotion and how important these are in poetry in order to clarify our ideas to ourselves and to our readers. Writing doesn't just occur at a desk or in isolation but is alive, generative, re-generative and evolving. Each new memory/new reading will bring a new layer to your work. We'll also take a short walk during this session and think about how we might move away from more fixed ideas about our work and set some of these thoughts afloat as an experiment. A poem is a like a house and the stanzas are its rooms-we will make noise shifting around the furniture in our poems today, walking in and out of them- checking up on them!*

    Day 2: Holding and Silence
    When someone holds the same note whilst singing, you will hear very small inflections and changes- these changes will rarely be the same. Think of all of the factors that affect this such as the voice, temperature, mood, setting, energy, our mental and physical health...a poem is a microcosm of these things and you are its host before releasing it. We'll talk about what control and lack of control can mean in our work and how they can both be forces for good. This day will be about building a bridge from the wildness of day 1 towards a place of holding and silence by the end of session 2. We will also spend some of this session listening to music.

    Day 3: Voicing your Poem
    Putting your poems to bed is so important to both the conceptual and editorial process. As your mind is prone to change, your poem is prone to the changes you experience and how these amendments affect your creative decisions. That is why a rest period with our writing is so vital. This last session will focus on trying to better identify when you should give your poems a siesta and when to wake them up and see if they're ready to go. This is one of the trickier parts of writing but ultimately why we all write- to give something a voice and to share it with others. There will be the option to share your work on this day if you would like.

    Booking is essential.
    Max participants: 12.

    *Walk is optional and if you have any specific physical needs, please do let us know and we'll accommodate these.

    Sarah's Bio:
    Sarah Byrne is a writer and editor based in Co. Cork. She is the founding editor of The Well Review, an international literary and visual arts journal. Sarah's work has recently been published in The New Statesman and The Irish Times. She worked as an advocate, mentor and researcher in psychiatric and forensic settings for a decade. As a teenager, she studied piano at the Cork School of Music and has also performed as a singer and pianist at events.


    Website: www.sarahbyrnewriter.com


    Festival Opening - Amy Edwards, Piper.

    Friday 5th July, Copper Cafe. 6 pm sharp. Allihies Mine Museum.

    Amy Edwards Murphy, World Champion Piper, will open the 2019 Festival on Friday July 5th at 6 pm at Allihies Mine Museum. Amy is a member of Tralee Pipes and Drums. She learned to play at eight years of age from her Grandfather Tim Goulding ( Kanturk).

    Festival Opening. Cónal Creedon. Reading.

    Friday 5th July, Allihies Copper Cafe. 6 pm sharp.

    Cónal Creedon is a novelist, playwright and documentary film maker. Cónal will read from his novel, Begotten Not Made.


    Begotten Not Made was selected as Book of The Year [Cultural Highlights of the Year – Irish Examiner]. His previous novel, Passion Play [1999] was cited as Best of the Year [BBC4 Arts Review].

    Conal’s Stage stage plays – received rave reviews from theatre critics at home and abroad. His plays have been awarded two Irish National Business To Arts Awards (2000), Best Director 1st Irish Theatre Awards New York (2009), Best Actor 1st Irish Theatre Awards New York (2013). Nominated for the Irish Times Theatre Awards (2000), and Best Playwright 1st Irish Theatre Awards New York (2013).

    His film documentaries were broadcast by RTÉ TV – and presented in numerous public screenings including at the Irish Pavilion in Shanghai China, during World Expo 2010. In 2010 he was shortlisted for the Focal International Documentary Awards, UK. London.

    Creedon’s radio drama has been broadcast on RTÉ, Lyric FM, BBC, BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. His work has achieved recognition in the One Voice Monologue Awards (BBC), The Francis McManus Awards (RTÉ), The PJ O’Connor Awards (RTÉ) and has represented Ireland in the BBC World Service World Play Radio Drama Competition. Cónal’s radio work has was listed by the Irish Times radio critics as Best Radio of the Year for 1994 and 1997.

    In 2017 – Cónal was appointed Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at University College Cork.


    Festival Opening. Carina McNally. Reading.

    Friday 5th July, Copper Cafe. 6.00 pm sharp.

    Carina McNally’s fiction has been widely published in magazines and anthologies including Cyphers Literary Magazine and Woman’s Way. A commissioned writer of children’s short fiction for RTE Radio 1, she has been writing for Allihies pantomime group the Lehanmore Players for a number of years. As both a professional book reviewer and a freelance journalist, Carina is a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner, Southern Star newspaper and Books Ireland Magazine. Carina will read an extract from her new work.

    Festival Opening. Anita Brohail. Reading

    Friday 5th July, Copper Cafe. 6.00 pm sharp.

    Anita Brohail is a Poet, Singer and Songwriter from Cork City.

    Her poetry takes intuitive, visceral journeys through nature and memories.

    Based in Allihies, Beara Anita draws constant inspiration from the landscape of the Beara Peninsula.


    Website. http://www.anitabrohail.com

    Three-Handed Poetry Reading.

    Penn State Reading Programme.

    The Schoolhouse. Friday, 5th July, at 8 pm.

    Penn State & Trish Caffrey host a Summer reading series at The Schoolhouse Allihies. Readings have kindly been opened to the public after the students have taken their places. Space is limited.



    Paula Meehan


    Paula Meehan was born in Dublin where she still lives. Her poetry has been translated into French, German, Galician, Italian, Japanese, Estonian, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Polish and Irish. She has received the Butler Literary Award for Poetry presented by the Irish American Cultural Institute, the Marten Toonder Award for Literature, the Denis Devlin Award for Dharmakaya, published in 2000, The Lawrence O’Shaughnessy Award for Poetry 2015, and the PPI Award for Radio Drama. She has been Ireland Professor of Poetry, 2013 – 2016. Her public lectures from the Professorship, Imaginary Bonnets with Real Bees in Them, were published in 2016 by UCD Press. Geomantic, her latest collection of poems was published by Dedalus Press, Dublin, in November of 2016.


    Of her latest work, her seventh collection of poems, which received a Cholmondeley Award for Poetry, Anne Enright, Irish Laureate for Fiction has written "Each poem in Paula Meehan’s new collection, Geomantic, is perfectly pitched and weighed. It is a book to be savoured. Everything in it feels familiar and new. She is working at the height of her powers."

    Tony Curtis


    Tony Curtis was born in Dublin in 1955. He studied Literature at Essex University and Trinity College Dublin. An award-winning poet, Curtis has published ten warmly received collections. His most recent collections are Folk (Arc Publications 2011); Pony (Occasional Press 2013) with drawings and paintings by David Lilburn; Approximately in the Key of C (Arc Publications 2015). He has been awarded the Varuna House Exchange Fellowship to Australia and the Irish National Poetry Prize. In April 2018 The University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul Minnesota, awarded Curtis the 22nd Lawrence O’Shaughnessy Prize for poetry. He has read his poetry all over the world to great acclaim. In May of this year, his latest book This Flight Tonight - a book that celebrates the lives of Alcock & Brown and their incredible flight from a field in St. John's, Newfoundland, to a bog in the west of Ireland in June 1919. He is a member of Aosdána.

    Theo Dorgan


    Theo Dorgan is a poet, and also a non-fiction prose writer, novelist, editor, documentary screenwriter, essayist and translator. Among his recent publications are: JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS (2014), a libretto commissioned by The Albert Hall; LIBERTY WALKS NAKED (2015), translations from the French of the Syrian poet Maram al-Masri; FOUNDATION STONE: Towards a Constitution for a 21st Century Republic (2013, essays, editor) and the novel MAKING WAY (2013). His most recent collections of poems are NINE BRIGHT SHINERS — awarded the Irish Times/Poetry Now Prize for best collection in 2015 — and ORPHEUS, published in 2018, both from Dedalus Press. He is a member of Aosdána.

    Denisa & Lily Rose.

    Friday Night Live @ O' Neills.

    Friday 5th July. O' Neill's Bar. 10.00 pm to 12.00 am

    Denisa and Lily will perform a mix of soul music and pop music (mainly covers with a few original songs). Check out Denisa singing at the CSN showcase last year.





    Workshop: Adaptation of Prose for Radio by Cónal Creedon.

    Saturday, 6th July. Allihies Men's Shed. 2 pm.

    Cónal Creedon will present a writing for radio Master Class – Cónal will use as case studies his adptations of Guests Of The Nation by Frank O’Connor & The Tailor and Ansty by Eric Cross. [Both adaptations were commissioned by RTÉ Radio Drama]



    Cónal Creedon – [Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at UCC] – is a novelist, playwright and documentary film maker.

    He has written over 80 hours of original radio drama – broadcast on RTÉ, Lyric FM, BBC, BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, ABC [Australia] and CBC [Canada]. He represented Ireland in the BBC World Service World Play Radio Drama Competition and has achieved recognition in the One Voice Monologue Awards (BBC), The Francis McManus Awards (RTÉ) and The PJ O’Connor Awards (RTÉ). Critical reviews of Cónal’s radio work include citations by the Irish Times radio critics: Best Radio of the Year for 1994 and 1997.

    Danny Denton. Reading.

    Saturday 6th July, Jimmy's Bar. 5 pm.

    Danny Denton is a writer from Cork, and editor of The Stinging Fly. His first novel, The Earlie King & The Kid In Yellow, was published by Granta Books in 2018, and nominated for ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Irish Book Awards. Among other publications, his work has also appeared in The Stinging Fly, Southword, Granta, Winter Papers, Tate, Etc, The Guardian, The Irish Times, Architecture Ireland &The Big Issue.


    Niall O' Sullivan. Reading

    Saturday 6th July, Jimmy's Bar. 5pm.

    Niall O Sullivan is a primary school teacher, artist and actor. Béara born and bred, Niall is involved with local drama groups Garnish Players and Peninsula Players, and Cork City-based Rolling Clouds Theatre Company. This has resulted in exposure to a variety of literature and subconsciously fed the urge to write. Inspired by the immediate environment and wild openness of his surroundings in Garnish. Currently studying for a Diploma in Illustrating Children's Book with the London Art College.

    Claire Zwaartman. Reading.

    Saturday 6th July. Jimmy's Bar. 5 pm.

    Ashes, by Claire Zwaartmann, Glengarriff, won first prize at this year’s RTÉ Radio 1 Short Story Competition in honour of Francis McManus.

    'Ashes' is the story of a pair of siblings scattering their father’s ashes. In their early twenties, Mike and Emer must let go of anger and resentment with this final act. It is “about the complicated nature of family, disharmony and moving on”.

    Claire will read an extract from her award-winning story.


    Diarmuid Hickey. Reading

    Saturday 6th July, Jimmy's Bar. 5 pm.

    Diarmuid's territory is South Tipperary. He writes about the family, violence, and Irishness. There are echoes of John McGahern’s subject matter in his stories. Diarmuid’s work also experiments with form and language. His fiction has been published in Banshee and the Incubator. Diarmuid will read an extract of his new work.

    Dursey Island Guided Walk.

    Beara Baoi Tours.

    Saturday 6th July. Booking essential.

    Learn about Dursey Island amid its beauty and wildlife. Enjoy majestic views as you cross the channel between the mainland and the island on Ireland's only cable car. Visit the ancestral tomb of the vanished Gaelic aristocracy the O'Sullivan Bere's.


    Your guide, Carina from Garnish, is a member of the Beara Historical Society. A writer and storyteller, she conducts guided historical tours throughout the Beara Peninsula in South West Ireland. She aims to give the visitor an appreciation of the deep history, culture and dramatic beauty that is Beara. Her Mountain Skills qualifications are accredited by Mountaineering Ireland, and she operates under their ‘leave no trace’ policy. Carina is passionate about the layers of history woven into the landscape, and deeply appreciative of the magnificent environment that surrounds her. Her interests include the sustainability and protection of life in rural Ireland.


    Meeting point is the cable car - eircode p75wv78
    Please call or text 087 6461627 to reserve a place on this small group walking tour.

    For more information:


    Allihies Copper Mine Walking Tour

    Saturday 6th July 11 am to 1 pm

    ALLIHIES COPPER MINE TOUR Allihies. In 1812, life in Allihies on the remote Beara Peninsula changed utterly when a rich copper deposit was discovered which led to the biggest copper mining enterprise in Ireland. The evidence of this industry can be seen all around this picturesque village in the form of the large Cornish engine houses that housed the magnificent steam engines that made the mining possible. These steam engines constantly pumped out water to allow for deeper and deeper mining. They also drove the winding gear and lowered the miners into the depths of the mountains. In a festival exclusive – Allihies Copper Mine will conduct a guided tour of the surface area of the mine and the museum. Visit the impressive engine houses and see the remains of the powder houses and dressing floors. Glimpse into the gaping mouth at the head of the mine that swallowed the miners deep into the earth to recover this valuable element at great human cost. Hear the extraordinary story of exemplary engineering and learn of the hardships suffered by the miners.


    €12 per person. Booking essential. Maximum 25 people.

    Local Seafood Sushi Supper Pop-Up @ Jimmys

    Saturday 6th July, Jimmy's Bar 6.30 pm

    A celebration of local seafood & sea vegetables.

    Come and spend a maritime evening at Jimmy's bar. Listen to the history of Jimmy's and stories of fishermen from days past.

    Tickets €20.00 - free drink included.

    Refunds in the event of cancellation only. Tickets can be transferred.

    Pre-booking is essential as food is prepared in advance. Vegetarian/Vegan options available please specify preference on booking. Seafood includes local crab, prawns and lobster.

    Julie Goo. Spoken Word.

    Saturday 6th July. Backstage @ The Lighthouse. 9.30 pm

    Julie Goo is a Cork-born bilingual writer and singer. Goo has performed at a wide range of festivals and events including TedX Cork, Winter Warmer, The Kino, Circus Factory, First Fortnight, Ó Bhéal, Electric Picnic, Indiependence, Body & Soul,
    Live at St. Luke’s, Connolly’s of Leap, The Quarter Block Party, and Cork Midsummer Festival. Goo was crowned Munster Slam Champion in 2012 and has represented Munster in
    The All Ireland Slam twice.
    GooLally Productions was created in the summer of 2017 when Julie Goo combined her work with fellow wordsmith Cormac Lally, and their show ‘Me, Myself, and Ireland was born and performed nationwide. Goo's poem ‘Laundry’ was shaped into a poetry film in 2016 by Aisling Keating, and has been screened at Ó Bheal, The Friary and Dali & Gala. Goo has collaborated
    with many musicians and DJ's over the years also.
    Her slam poetry is socially conscious, politically driven, uplifting and open-hearted.
    You can follow Goo on her YouTube Channel, Facebook, or
    email juliegoopoetry@gmail.com

    Sami Switch & Friends

    Saturday 6th July. The Lighthouse Bar. 10.30 pm

    Sami Switch - the bravely original London based poet turned rapper - burst onto the scene in 2015 with the E.P 'Solace'. Produced by Ross O'D and legendary film composer Andy Gray, Solace tells the honest story of a young man fighting for his place in the world, and has been widely championed by both Complex and Clash magazines and The Independent newspaper amongst
    others. A mixture of rap, spoken word and soulful vocals it was the first release since his award winning poem 'Ocean of pain' went viral in 2013.

    Currently a resident of London studios, Sami prepares for his own new album whilst songwriting for other artists. He has built a cult following, selling out headline shows at Birthdays and The Old Queen's Head, London. Believing in music as his saviour, he works hard 'to give back' by mentoring young refugees with spoken word workshops and giving creative input into their projects with Phosphoros Theatre.


    Sami will be joined by Thomas Jules; www.ThomasJules.com, Mitch Jones, and Effie.


    Admission is free.



    Pop-Up Bookshop in Memory of Annie Goulding

    Pop-Up Bookshop in memory of Annie Goulding at Veronica's B & B. Allihies, from Thursday 4th July.

    Annie Goulding (d2017), was resident in the Old Reentrisk Schoolhouse, Allihies, from the 1960s. Multi-talented as a chef, weaver, photographer, she was also a great aficionado of literature and amassed a wonderful collection of novels, many of which are included in this book sale.


    Funds raised go towards festival running costs.

    Book Launch and Signing.

    Sunday 7th July, 4 pm. The Lighthouse Bar

    Book launch for Dr Strangely Strange:


    'Fitting Pieces To The Jigsaw The original and best Dr Strangely Strange'.


    There will be a short an informal acoustic numbers, some short readings and book signing. This is a free event and will take place on Sunday 7th July @ 4pm at the back of The Lighthouse Bar.


    Psychedelic folkies Dr Strangely Strange have been working with Adrian Whittaker on a book about their glory years, 1967 - 1972. Dr Strangely Strange: Fitting Pieces To The Jigsaw will be available to purchase at this launch on the 7th July. It’s a beautifully produced A4-format paperback which will be on sale at the gig. There will be a few short readings, and all involved will gladly sign copies.


    ‘Adrian Whittaker has hacked through the undergrowth and rediscovered a forgotten wonderland of the weird folk underground. Rich in colourful half-memories and eccentric detail, this telling playfully reanimates a dormant British/Irish counterculture, with its dreams of the curiously curious and the abnormally odd.’


    Rob Young (The Wire, author of Electric Eden)


    'Heroic retrievals, digging and sifting the mists of memory, reveal the secret history of a Dublin band finding themselves, and the words and sounds of that city's emerging subterranean moment.


    Open Music Session

    O' Neill's Bar, Sunday 7th July from 6 pm.

    The famous bright red pub can be seen worldwide, adorned across posters that promote Ireland and it’s famous welcome, and you’ll soon discover why …

    The family-run pub and restaurant in the heart of Allihies village offers a great welcome to locals and visitors alike. You won’t be here long before you get to enjoy live music, great conversation, or a sing-song in front of the fire. You’re more than welcome to join in with the singing and playing if the mood takes you!

    The Story

    A Rehearsed Reading of a New Play Written and Performed by Timothy O'Mahony.

    Sunday 7th, July at 8 pm. Allihies Schoolhouse.

    Admission: Free


    This script was developed with the support of Corcadorca's Theatre Development Centre.


    'The Story' tells a tale of a young man named Tom, who has found himself in a comfortable place of hopelessness. When his best friend goes missing, he knows something is not as it should be and sets out to solve this mystery and find his friend. As we delve into the life of our hero, we find a young man perched on the edge of tomorrow as he journeys into the unknown.


    Timothy O'Mahony is a playwright, performer and theatre-maker based in Cork. He has written and produced a number of plays over the last 5 years including Saviour, Symphony No. 5 and Dancing Dogs. His work is intimate and adventurous and he plays with the concept of 'making the Ordinary become Extraordinary'. He focuses on strong storytelling being delivered by engaging characters, using little props or staging. The idea that theatre should stir up feelings inside your body is a driving force behind his creative work.

    Johnny & Marc. Festival Closing Concert.

    Concert @ Jimmy's Bar. 9.30 pm sharp (1 hour duration) followed by an impromptu session.

    John Ahern, a singer and guitarist from Cork will be joined by Marc Jeisy, a talented musician. Johnny will perform a mix of folk songs and traditional tunes.

    Art Inspires!

    5th-7th July. FROM 11.00 - 18.00, in Joanna Kempen's Studio






    'Gort an Asail'

    Ballydonegan, Allihies.


    ALL WELCOME! Joanna offers morning art workshops on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

    Single Individual Workshop (one to one guidance) €45.00

    Small Group Workshop (max. four participants) €25.00 pp

    To reserve, booking essential on phone: 027-73929 mobile: 087-2171291


    There was a large volume of entries in all three categories and the standard was extremely high. The judges found it incredibly difficult to choose the winners of each category. All children's work has been highly commended for creativity and joy.


    The Children's Illustration entries will be exhibited in Allihies Hall on Sunday 7th July, during the Bumper Craft Market. Please come and support our budding young local artists. A selection of poems and short stories will be posted online shortly and the winning stories and poems will be read at the prize giving ceremony on Sunday 7th July, Allihies Playground at 6 pm.


    Results: Children's Short Story Competition

    Theme: 'Home'.

    Prize giving ceremony. Sunday 7th July. Allihies Playground. 6 pm.

    10 yrs old and younger

    1st Sophie O’Connor, ‘Moving House’ Eyeries N.S.

    11-13 yrs old

    1st Lauren Kelly, ‘Leaving Home’

    2nd Chaelim Murphy, ‘Home’

    3rd Eva O’Donovan, ‘Finding Home’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)

    4th Emilya Dabryte, ‘Home’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)


    Highly Commended Certificates in the 11-13 yrs Category will be awarded to:

    • James Spenser, ‘Halloween of Homes’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Isabella O’Neill Kïïshar, ‘Stuck in a Storm’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Ayla Safiya Letchem Solari, ‘Home’ 
    • Stephanie Shanahan, ‘The Big Mess’ (Scoil and Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Martina (no surname)’Lost’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • William O’Driscoll, ‘Gremlin’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Lucas Nolan, ‘Precious’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Clodagh Fenner, ‘The Boat Trip’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Leji Bucanstraite, ‘The Way Back Home’ (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Aisling Murphy, ‘Home’ (no school)
    • Sinead Murphy, ‘A New Discovery’, 
    • Iria Rodriguez, ‘Hills’, (Scoil an Chroí Ró Naofa)
    • Jennifer Murphy ‘John and Diane’ 

    17 yrs old+


    1st Prize Awarded to Dara Hanley


    The short stories were judged, with thanks by student volunteers: Niamh Twomey, Marie Haugh and Anita Daly from M.A. Creative Writing, University College, Cork.

    Results: Children's Illustration Competition - 'Home'

    Prize giving ceremony. Sunday 7th July. Allihies Playground. ​6 pm.

    Under 10 years old


    First Prize: Ryan Dudley

    Second Prize: Padraig O'Sullivan

    Third Prize: Setanta O'Sullivan

    Fourth Prize: Zach O'Sullivan


    Special mention awards:

    Jim Cornish, for Dynamism, spontaneity

    Siùn (no surname, Canalmore, Garnish, 73015), for graphism

    Abigale Harrington, for story

    Sarah Farrelly, for observation

    Aodhàn, for perspective

    Kelsey O' Sullivan, for balance

    Emily Murphy, for self-portrait

    Oirin Mc Mahon, for creativity

    Mèabh Hobbs, for humour

    Feile O' Sullivan, for composition

    Michael Offen (Bere Island- Derrycreeveen), for rhythm

    Ruby Marley, for colours

    Amelia Harrington, for Happy Feeling.


    Highly Commended:

    Daniel Kelly

    Jason Harrington

    Lena Mc Carthy

    Evan HanleyEoghan O'Sullivan

    Padraic O'Neill

    Feya McCarthy

    Erica Murphy

    Croiadh O Sullivan

    Leo O'Sullivan

    Keeva Hanley

    Adam Harrington

    Saoirse McMahon

    David Dudley

    Emily Harrington

    Kenzie O'Sullivan

    Finin O'Neill

    Jack O'Sullivan

    Iya Harrington

    Leah Lowney

    Aoife (Counlough Cahermore)

    Eoin Dudley

    PJ Dudley

    Teagan, Claghane lower, make more Allihies.


    11-13 years old.


    First Prize: Eva O'Donovan, Droum South Casteltownbere

    Second Prize: Gabija Podrigailaite

    Third Prize: Stephanie Shanahan

    Fourth Prize: Megan O' Sullivan


    Special mention awards:

    Emilya Dadryte, for Sketch and detail quality

    Luke Sidley, for the message behind the scene

    Kate Donegan, for observation

    Lauren Lowney, for colours

    Ayla Safira, for rhythm and graphism

    Ultan Murphy, for care and technique

    Maria Harrington and Chloe Hurley, for creativity


    Highly Commended:

    Dylan Harrington

    Tadhg (Bere island Derrycreeveen)

    Mary O'Sullivan

    Fionn Hanley

    Noah Hughes

    Clodagh Kelly

    Caoimhe O'Shea

    Sy Lewis

    Nicole O'Sullivan

    Lauren O'Sullivan

    Rory O'Neill

    Aoife Walsh

    Zoé O'Driscoll

    Ciara Kelly

    Chloe Hurley

    The children's competitions were judged, with thanks to Nadette Charlet. All judging was completed without names.


    Results: Children's Poetry Competition

    Theme: 'Preciousness'

    Winners announced online. Prize giving ceremony. Sunday 7th July. Allihies Playground. 6 pm.

    10 years and younger:


    -First Prize: Kitty Harrison, poem: 'Precious' (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Second Prize: Ruby Morley, age 6, (no title, no school)

    - Third Prize: Aoife Barry, poem: 'Precious' (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Fourth Prize: Fionn Murphy, poem: 'Preciousness',


    Highly Commended:

    - Padraig O'Sullivan, no title, (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Cassie Harrington, no title,

    - Martin Shanahan, no title

    - Maria Harrington, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Caragh O'Sullivan, 'My Home',

    - Richie O'Donoghue, 'My Dice is Nice',

    - Phoebe Geraghty, 'Preciousness',

    - Gabriela Dempsey, 'Preciousness',

    - Margaret Harrington, 'My Family'

    - Ryan Healy, 'Preciousness',

    - Holly O'shea O'Sullivan Tim, 'Family Is Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Alanna Minihane, no title, (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Eimear Lynch, no title, (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Ruby McCarthy, 'Preciousness',

    - Luke Mason, 'My Family', (Tragask NS)

    - Cole Harrington, 'Preciousness',

    - Neilie Hanangton (or something like that), 'Farm Animals',

    - Cian Goodlad, 'Preciousness',

    - Tom Harrington, ''Home',

    - Ciara Blake, 'My Family',

    - Evan Cronin, 'Preciousness'

    - Conor Downing, 'Family',

    - Aoibheann Donegan, 'Preciousness',

    - Adam O'Sullivan, 'Family is the Best'

    - Kate O'Connor, 'My Family'

    - Katelyn Hurley, 'no title, (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Dominik Olczac, 'Preciousness'

    - 'Romy Kearney, 'Preciousness',

    - Julianne Murphy, 'Preciousness',

    - Henrikas Dabrys, 'Preciousness',

    - Robin Harrison, 'Preciousness',

    - Gabriel Viola, 'Preciousness',

    - Sarah O'Connor, Preciousness',

    - Seán O Neill, 'Preciousness'.


    Poetry: ages 11–13 years old


    - First Prize: Gabija Padrigailaite, 'Home', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa),

    - Second Prize: Eva O'Donovan, 'The Earth', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Third Prize: Kamile Pikunaite, 'Drawing',

    - Fourth Prize: Kieran Earley, 'Myself'.


    Highly Commended:

    - Lauren Lowney, 'Carmax and Peppermint Tea: Preciousness Poem' (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa),

    - Max Gereighty, no title,

    - Lauren Kelly, 'Shoes',

    - Maria O'Neill, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Glen Byrne, 'Precious'

    - Artjom Scerbalekov, 'Precious Family'

    - Nicholas Swift, 'My Home',

    - Barry Walsh 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Shane Cronin, 'Precious',

    - Erin Murray, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Sean O'Sullivan Butcher, 'Precious',

    - Patrick Ó Sullivan, 'What's Precious To Me',(Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Lilyrose O'Sullivan, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Miguel Shanahan, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Chloe Hurley, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Jasper Beshoff Griffon, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Eva Cahill, 'CTB', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Sara Sánchez Almodóvar, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - William O'Driscoll, 'My Pencil Case', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Nicole O'Sullivan, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Nikolaj Spundov, 'The Dog',

    - Kate Donegal, 'My Lovely Nana',

    - Jennifer Murphy, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Eimear O'Shea, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Ciara Murphy, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Sinead Murphy, 'Preciousness',

    - Jack Elphick, 'Bruno', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Clodagh Fenner, no title, (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)

    - Fiona Murphy, 'Precious', (Scoil An Chroí Ró Naofa)


    Poetry. Ages 14-16 years old

    1st Adam O’Carroll Martin, poem: Mackerel

    2nd Beth O’Sullivan, poem: Piggery

    3rd Samuel O’Sullivan poem: Dance

    4th Ailbhe Lynch, poem: Art


    Highly Commended:

    Callum O’Leary, ‘Lucky’

    Cian Murphy, ‘Preciousness’

    Olan Murphy, ‘My Farm’

    Mike Shanahan, ‘Cars’

    Colm Murphy, ‘Soccer’

    Jack Hanley, ‘Sport’

    Mia Harrington, ‘Friends’

    Liam Dalton, ‘I Love My Xbox’

    Niamh Manson, ‘Friends’

    Nicola Kelly, ‘My Very Precious Pets’

    Courtney O’Brien, ‘Best Friends’

    Chloe O’Sullivan, ‘My Family’

    Grainne O’Shea, ‘Friends’

    Eimear Sheehan, ‘Preciousness’

    Searlait O’Neill, ‘Preciousness’

    Mary Sheehan, ‘Rugby’

    Sean Sullivan, ‘Buddy and Toby’

    Caoimhe Whelan, ‘My Town’

    Kellie O’Sullivan, ’Zara’


    The poems were judged, with thanks by student volunteers: Niamh Twomey, Marie Haugh and Anita Daly from M.A. Creative Writing, University College, Cork.

    About Allihies Hub

    Allihies Hub is located upstairs in the Copper Mine Museum

    Coastal education and community centre catering to all learning groups. Also a business hub for independant and small businesses.


    We’ve identified the need for a coastal education and community centre. This multi-faceted facility will serve to enhance tourism as a seasonal drop-in centre. It will stimulate the local economy as an education facility (open all year long). All learning groups from primary to third level and including continuing adult education will be catered for. It will also serve as a business hub for independent and small businesses who require reliable internet and printing facilities. The centre will also dissuade the effects of social isolation prevalent on the Beara Peninsula as a local meeting place.

    Located on the South-Westerly limits of the Beara Peninsula, the small and charming village of Allihies ( ‘Na hAilichí , in Gaelic meaning “the cliff fields”), is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking views and complex geological formations.

    As you enter the locality, you see the landscape speckled with the remnants of large engine houses, remaining from the great mining activities of the 1800’s. These haunting landmarks, illuminate not only a booming copper industry, but also a perilous age, which took the lives of many a brave miner. https://aceh.ie/

    Festival Musicians

    Kate Higgins - Guitar and Song

    John Ahern - Classical Guitar

    Matthew O' Leary - Guitar and Song

    Kate, John and Matthew will perform individual pieces at The Allihies Inspires Opening Event and the Reading Series.


    Lynda Loughnane.

    We are delighted to announce our 2019 Artist-in-Residence is Lynda Loughnane.

    Lynda graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork in 2002, with a degree in Fine Art, followed by a Post Graduate residency in the Backwater Art Studios in 2003. She has been involved in community art since 2004, working with a wide range of art forms and groups. She returned to the Crawford college of Art and Design in 2016 to complete a Masters in Art and Process and has taken part in a number of group shows over the years and has produced a number of private commissions of portrait paintings. Lynda likes to explore various media and concepts such as the intangibility of light and the malleability of perception but finds herself continually drawn back to engagement with the human face and form.

    Her first love is oil painting and her latest exhibition marks a welcome return to a medium and subject matter that she is both intrigued and enthralled by.

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